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Videoma Archive
Management of Digital Media

Videoma Archivo is a software solution for digital video, audio, and image management. It can capture, catalogue, manage and publish content from any format.

Designed for companies or institutions that need to manage their video, audio or photo libraries in an organized way and even distribute them online or on cell phones.
The system is modular and scalable, and offers a wide range of modules that comply with the demands of different users.
Videoma Archivo is designed to work online where users from different stations can query the material stored on the central server.
Videoma Archivo can capture and transcodify any format available on the market. High and low quality files can be stored online without losing their referential integrity quality by time codes.
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Broadcast Monitor
Videoma Broadcast Monitor
Monitoring and Management of Broadcast Media

Radio and television are gaining importance in today’s world. Organizations and businesses require effective mechanisms to analyze and control political, social, or sporting events that improve their ability to make strategic decisions and react in the face of any development.

Important public and private institutions choose Videoma Broadcast Monitor (VBM) as the monitoring and analysis solution for their press, production and crisis rooms. It improves organizational performance and generates new forms of business and ways to use resources.
Videoma Broadcast Monitor incorporates multichannel monitoring and recording of the digital terrestrial (DT), satellite, multicast, analog, and CCTV. It also streams, clips, catalogues, carries out visual searches and stores content in real time.
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